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           The weight limit
           Crane electronic scale
           Highly integrated instrument
           The scale of container spreaders
           Lifting machinery safety monitoring management system
           Hoisting height limiter(Limit switch)
           All kinds of conventional sensors
           Common limiter instrument is introduced
About us

    Changzhou Chang Xin electronic weighing apparatus co., LTD. Was established in1987Years2Month,Main production loading-capacity limiter、Crane safety monitoring and control system、Crane electronic scale、Hoisting height limiter and other five series hoisting machinery safety protection device。After 20 years of unremitting efforts,And the full support of the hoisting machinery industry,The company has become China's largest production in the industry,The most complete specifications and varieties,The most famous professional manufacturer of hoisting machinery safety protection device,The quality in the leading domestic。Crane safety monitoring and control system Real time monitor the working parameters of the crane:Lifting weight、Amplitude、Speed、Position、Voltage、Electric current、The wind speed、The touch and so on,And upload the working parameters of crane,Extraction and analysis of load spectrum information。
     The company is located in the economically developed Yangtze river delta region--Changzhou。Cover an area of an area2.8Million square meters,Building area of1.2Million square meters。Existing employees238People,The total number of professional and technical personnel among them15%,Is the collection design、Development、Production、Sales and service one-stop integrated enterprise,The production of conventional products,Has become a reference specimens。

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