Hunan new clothing co., LTD,Was built in1979Years,The main leading products“New”A suit、Uniforms for its unique design style and workmanship fully reveal xiang chu dress culture connotation and charm,Was deeply loved by the masses of customers and praise。
  Follow the pace of reform and opening up,Develop new,Company existing staff800More than one,Under a XiFuChang、Logo clothing factory、Shirt factory、Hat factory, etc。The logo clothing factory to national law enforcement clothing fixed-point production enterprise。The company has abundant capital,The excellent imported suit production equipment,The design of the high technology team,A high level of management personnel,High quality staff,Provide timely perfect pre-market after-sales service。
  Twenty years of painstaking efforts,Twenty years of unremitting pursuit,New has obtained great achievement……
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Culture enforcement uniformsCulture enforcement uniforms
The new drug safety female autumn outfitThe new drug safety female autumn outfit
Labor and social securityLabor and social security
Farm machinery supervisionFarm machinery supervision
Chengguan uniformChengguan uniform
In the autumn of the secret(Traffic law enforcement)In the autumn of the secret(Traffic law enforcement)
Long sleeve patternLong sleeve pattern
Winter coat(Traffic law enforcement)Winter coat(Traffic law enforcement)
Winter of judicial dutyWinter of judicial duty
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