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Special offer information
 AudiA6L ¥800Yuan/Days
 Honda eight generation accord ¥500Yuan/Days
 Toyota camry ¥300Yuan/Days
 Faw Mazda6 ¥350Yuan/Days
 Buick excelle ¥280Yuan/Days
 Hyundai elantra ¥260/Days
 Nissan teana
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      Shangqiu car rental companyCommitted to the car rental industry in shangqiu area,Shangqiu rent a carShangqiu day car rental,The average rental car,Can meet all kinds of car rental and car rental customer need,Shangqiu in shangqiu car rental and car rental company to meet you,Shangqiu Yangtze river car rental co., LTD is a domestic and foreign enterprises and Chinese and foreign guests for business、Drive as the main service object。

     Shangqiu is committed to promoting from a car rental companyShangqiu car rentalThe development of the industry,Create the first-class specialized、Modern enterprise,Strive to become a good car rental service providers in our city。 Shangqiu car rental company car is complete,To meet the needs of the various customers and car rental。“High quality vehicles,To ensure safety。Warm and considerate,Star service。”The Yangtze automobile rental commitment to customers。Shangqiu rental market demand oriented,With the management aim of customer satisfaction as the criterion。In order to convenient,Quickly,Security,Civilization for the service standards,The lease is convenient,A better price。At the same time,The company also owns a response quickly,Strong technical force of professional maintenance..
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Car rental information
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Car rental common sense
·Shangqiu prompts you to car rental company:The bus rental how to save money
·Shangqiu prompts you to car rental company:Customers should bear the obligations
·Shangqiu prompts you to car rental company:Customers should bear the obligations
·Shangqiu prompts you to car rental company:Bus rental is very collective travel..
·Shangqiu prompts you to car rental company:Provide the main tour bus rental industry..
·Shangqiu prompts you to car rental company:Rent a car to save money have a coup Shangqiu cars..
·Shangqiu how much rent a car one day
·Shangqiu rental company is introduced in detail
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