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Shanghai Yangtze river spot prices
Product NameBoth PriceGo up Fall
1#Copper 51480 980
1#Lead 21550 100
0#Zinc 26400 270
1#Zinc 26320 270
    Tongling nonferrous co TongGuan brass rod co., LTD. Is located in one of the Chinese bronze culture birthplace,Known as“Chinese bronze”The reputation of tongling city of anhui province。
    Tongling nonferrous co TongGuan brass rod co., LTD. Is from tongling nonferrous metals group holdings of listed companies of tongling nonferrous metals group co., LTD(The stock code000630)With tammy group(Hong Kong)Co., LTD., jointly set up a professional production of high precision brass rod of the joint venture company。The total investment3.955Hundred million,Annual production capacity7.5Ten thousand tons,Is the anhui province“861”The focus of the action plan project。Business scope for development、Production and sales of copper alloy pipe material and its products and equipment、Technology and other related products and services。
    The company is located in tongling city economic and technological development zone industrial park in brass,Cover an area of an area18.5Million square meters,The existing staff180People,The college、Bachelor degree or above110People,All kinds of、Senior professional and technical personnel90People。Production technology from Germany and Britain, which introduces the world advanced induction melting furnace、Horizontal casting machine……

Chestwood 2 in tongling city in anhui province economic and technological development zone
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