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Liu Liangang,Years of full-time lawyer,Law practice experience,Proficient in criminal defense,The company law、Equity merger and acquisition、Assets reorganization、Intellectual property rights、Construction project、The housing land、The number of traffic accidents、Insurance claims、Marriage of inheritance、Creditor's rights and debts、Contract dispute method, etc...

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Contract dispute

Contract dispute

Main business:1.The contract review2.A breach of contract3.Consultation mediation4.Contract to arbitration5.Contract litigation6.Violation of contract fraud [For more details]

Criminal defense

Criminal defense

The specific scope of business:1、Investigation stage for criminal suspects to provide legal advice,Agent appeal、A complaint、To apply for bail; [For more details]

Company law

Company law

Mainly includes the professional service:> Ordinary company planning、To set up、A capital increase、Transfer> Enterprise property rights definition、Valuated amount>[For more details]

The number of traffic accidents

The number of traffic accidents

Scope of business1.Traffic legal advice、Generation of books;The parties to solve legal problems for the traffic accident,To provide legal help;According to the parties [For more details]

Construction engineering

Construction engineering

Construction engineering business scope:● Residential area、Villa、Apartment residential building project, etc● The old city area、Historic district renovation project [For more details]

Insurance claims

Insurance claims

Claims procedures1、After be or get out of danger notice filed survey the underwriter,Shall immediately send someone on-site survey,Understand the condition and reason for the loss, [For more details]

The number of traffic accidentsmore

Insurance expends expired to do 2019-08-05

The emergence of the car make the miles of space that intervene between a man and more close,Convenient travel required for this work。Many people will choose to buy cars,In order to himself and his family out...[In more detail]

Insurance is to compensate what 2019-08-05

Every kind of insurance coverage is not the same,Insurance is stipulated in our country:Every car must be purchased。You must want to buy insurance is to buy cars...[In more detail]

What including third party liability insurance 2019-08-04

Now on the market has a variety of commercial insurance,In many car purchases gens after buy insurance will also buy some additional commercial insurance。Different business insurance claims...[In more detail]

Construction engineeringmore

Engineering claim report template how to write 2019-07-07

A construction project must carry on the strict monitoring from start to finish,Once appear problem,Will directly affect the project schedule and all the interests of the staff,At this time...[In more detail]

Project shutdown claim report template 2019-07-07

We all know that project is larger,Generally there are many parties in the project,So is common engineering disputes happened,Project shutdown...[In more detail]

How long the bid-winning notice sign of construction project... 2019-07-06

In the field of construction project,May involve the bid,If the winning success,Construction engineering the bid-winning notice issued after how long can sign the contract?Just below...[In more detail]

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