Steamed cake(Purple potato)
Steamed cake(Mung bean flavor)
Sandwich cake(Plain)
Sandwich cake(Strawberry)
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      Jieyang city, guangdong province, music food co., LTD. Was established2008Years5Month,Is located in jieyang city, guangdong province,Is a company specializing in the production of biscuits、Packing cookies、Small Food and other food production enterprises。
      Companies adhering to the“Customer as the center,Strives for the survival by the quality”The management idea,The courtesy of health、High quality、At the same time safe and pollution-free green food, Will the company's brand management strategy into the long-term development strategic target。 Quality is the lifeline of an enterprise。Company established a high standard、Modern production and management Department,The introduction of domestic first-class production equipment,Synchronous test line,And in strict accordance with the health standard of countries and regions,The whole process of the production process and no Pollution、Pollution-free quality control。In order to ensure the quality of products,Shorten the delivery time,Companies with large logistics companies to achieve a long-term cooperation,To realize the integration of food production process, Not only ensure the products quality,For the dealers at the first time provides the high quality products,Greatly improving the company's sales performance and service quality。
      In line with“Concentric、Win-win situation、The pursuit of excellence”The enterprise business philosophy,Sen le person with enthusiastic and indomitable spirit、With their diligent hands industriously,Set up Will do in one hundred's,Become a biscuit products nutrition experts。To create“Dietary nutrition balance”The new idea,Developed nearly without sucrose white soda bread、Sweet soda bread、Sandwich The dried fruit cake screen、The small steamed bun, and other specialty,Loved by consumers at home and abroad。

We are looking for you?If we have a common pursuit,Have a consistent goal,Have the same temperament,That's good,
Not talk together,Please keep contact with us,Maybe we can start,Creative collision together,Play a new thinking。 

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Address:Jiedong county town of cloud road Po industrial estate
Zip code:515556
The phone:+86-0663-6116186 / +86-0663-3182666
Fax:+86-0663-3182111 / +86-0663-6116228

League Department People:Mr Lin Kaisheng


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BusinessQQ : 1452972062 [Throughout the service for you]
The phone:+86-0663-6116186

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