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    Shanxi coal mine machinery manufacturing co., LTD,Was built in1977Years,The original coal fixed-point machine key backbone enterprises,Countries announced the first batch of scraper conveyor and belt conveyor fixed-point production factory,National torch plan key high-tech enterprise,The first through the country“Two fusion”Certification unit,China's manufacturing industry500To be strong,China's informationization500To be strong。2018In listed company to complete the new three board,Existing staff1200More than one。The company has processing and assembly、Maohan、Belt conveyor3A branch and forging、Round link chain、Machine plus two、Heat treatment4A workshop,Including technical center、Sales company、Planning and development、The production department of homeland security、Product inspection department、Quality and technical department、Material purchasing、Equipment of environmental protection、After-sales service department, etc18A functional departments。

The company adopts the informationization management,Is coal industry informatization management model and demonstration units,Information integration system for ministry of information industry“The double excellent plan project”。2016Years,Company established a management platform of wisdom,To realize the change of digital to the management of wisdom。

    Company main products include scraper conveyor、Transfer conveyor、Crusher、Belt conveyor from the tail、Belt conveyor and its complete conveying equipment and so on six big categories、More than a series,Nearly one thousand kinds of models,Meet the demand of equipment under various working condition。The scraper conveyor as a national key new product and Shanxi Province famous brand products,Always maintain a leading design and manufacturing technology,For many years Choose the national machinery industry customer satisfaction products。
    The company's products in the domestic market have the comparative advantage,Some products are exported to overseas。So far has provided to the mining transporting equipment6000Multiple sets,For high-end coal in our country、Green、Sustainable mining provide a powerful guarantee。

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