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Wuxi wei billiton iron and steel co., LTD. Is a focus Yu Gangban cutting、Zero cut specializing in the production and sales of manufacturers,The main thick steel plate cutting、The steel plate、Steel plate cutting, etc. Welcome to inquire to negotiate!

Wuxi billiton iron and steel co., LTD is an enterprise steel plate cutting,The company specialized is engaged inSteel plate cuttingSteel plate cutting zeroThe steel plateSteel plate cuttingThick steel plate cuttingAnd processing services,Perennial inventory for medium plate,To provide20-500mmThe thickness of the steel plate cutting business,Equipped with6Several meters large CNC cutting equipment at the same time,Several semi-automatic cutting machine at the same time,Otherwise the size crane and forklift truck。Provide thick and wide steel plate cutting:Q235A、Q235B、Q235CPlate、Low alloy plate cutting:Q345B、C/D、Q460D、Q690D、Container plate cutting:Q245RQ345R16MndrAnd other special materials。Wuxi billiton iron and steel co., LTD can be processed:All sorts of plank cutting piece:CNC cutting bearing seat、Nc machining flange、Memorial arch、Embedded parts、Irregular shapes、Copying、Artifacts、Square、Long wait for all sorts of graphics processing。Company by working closely with steel mills and the strong support of new and old friends,Company's business get rapid development。Now has become a set of sales、Steel plate cutting zero、Steel plate cutting processing,Logistics as one of the operating system。

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Flame cuttingFlame cutting is the old way of thermal cutting,From its cut metal thickness1Mm1M,But when you need in the vast majority of low carbon steel plate thickness20Mm below,Other cutting ways should be adopted。Flame cutting is the use of iron oxide combustion process of high temperature to cut carbon steel,The design of the flame cutting torch for burning iron oxide provides sufficient oxygen,To ensure the good effect of nc flame cutting machine is mainly suitable for cutting Yu Zhonghou plate cutting processing of mechanical equipment,Compared to the same kind of other thermal cutting way,Nc flame cutting machine has high cutting quality、Cut surface vertical degree、The cutting thickness, etc,Is the current domestic market the most widely used type of cutting processing way。+For details

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