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  • Smoked bean curd
    Smoked bean curd
  • Oil bean curd
    Oil bean curd
  • The water of tofu
    The water of tofu
  • White beans dry
    White beans dry
  • Thousand silk
    Thousand silk
The Taoist secret dried beancurd
  Dried beancurd,One of the han nationality traditional soy products,Tofu is the reprocessing of products。Salty, sweet and refreshing,Hard in toughening,For a long time: not bad,Is China in major cuisine has a cuisine。The nutritious dried beancurd,Contains a lot of protein、Fat、Carbohydrates,Also contains calcium、Phosphorus、Iron and other minerals the human body needs。Bean curd cake will add salt in the production process、Fennel、Chinese prickly ash、Aniseed、Dry ginger and other spices,Is sweet and fresh,Long pig out,Is known as"Ham"。
  • Soybean
  • Planting area
  • Secret sauce
    Secret sauce
Good taste
One advantage
Dongguan leading soy products manufacturers
DongguanQSCertification of soy products manufacturers,Vegetable basket project enterprises。
A variety of soy products,A ten thousand people trust tofu。
For medium truck,Several factories dining hall procurement,And provide solutions to the dining hall to save money。
Advantage 2
Traditional tofu process,Pure soybean ingredients
Using five mountains and springs, guangxi,Good water good beans good tofu。
Using non-gmo soybean、Traditional tofu process,Delicious tradition。
China green bean curd,How do not add preservatives、Starch,The original refined but become。
Three advantage
Strictly implement the national health standard production
Products adhere to a check every month,The principle of a small check every day。
Strictly locked good raw materials、The good production off、Store good transportation。
Bean curd quality monitored,Security and trust。
Advantage four
Reliable service,Transportation safety
All vehicles all adopt imported original refrigeration unit。
The entire cold chain transportation、Sales、To ensure the product is pure taste and nutrition security。
  • Bean curd stick is soy products
  • Tofu can prevent cardio-cerebral diseases Instead of meat can also be a preventive against cancer
  • The elderly often tofu reduces the risk of osteoporosis
  • Gout patients with moderate consumption of soy products
  • Bean products can stay healthy、Improve the body immunity
  • Often eat bean products can prevent constipation、Prevent disease of heart head blood-vessel
  • The nutritional value of soy、Consumption of efficacy and taboos
  • Soy protein,Low fat,A drop in blood pressure,Fall hematic fat,The effect of cholesterol
  • Tofu is born cooked,Young and old alike,Vegetarian health priorities
Three main raw materials for hot bean curd
  Healthy, delicious、Food for young and old,Bean dried human and animal excreta,QPlay is dye-in-the-wood,Delicious attractive,To chew,Hot enough,Bean curd containing collagen,The effect of beauty,Appetizing fluid,Nutritious and healthy。
  • Wild pepper
    WildMountainAny of several hot spice plants
    It is small,
    But can you full head big sweat
    Mouth water,No matter what
    Some can have unexpected effect
  • Fresh bean curd
    Bean curd texture closely,
    Be full of flexibility,No residual dead skin
    Black colour and lustre is pure,The lips
  • Dressing
    Use natural flavor、Made of sugar, etc
    Refused to excessive processing,Keep the bean curd
    The original taste,Safe to eat
Green into China
  Green food co., LTD. Was established in dongguan city China2001Years2Month,Since its establishment in affordable price、Quality assurance、The good faith management for the purpose of our company。Get the high praise and recognition of consumers,Since its establishment 10 years like one day,Conscientiously,Overcome various difficulties and factors!Our company insist on a monthly inspection,The principle of a small check every day,Let consumers eat at ease,To make the customer satisfied!Company from at the beginning of the established several people,Dozens of development to now,Reach sales day2The size of the ten thousand jins,Is already a minor celebrity in dongguan local tofu、Bean products factory。Now the company's main traditional tofu all series,According to the requirements of consumers,The company now has developed with nutrition and health、Known for its delicate fruit and vegetable tofu(Colored bean curd)Series!Welcome to consultation、Wholesale、Placing an order...
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