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        The machine heavy industry(Luoyang)Construction machinery co., LTD(Luoyang construction machinery factory),1904Founded in Shanghai,1954Years moved to luoyang,Is the birthplace of the first roller in China,Is the biggest in China、Most comprehensive large compaction machinery specialized production、Sales、Export base。

        Since the first roller in the machine heavy industry in China(Luoyang)Construction machinery co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as the machine is built)Since birth,Los built to customer satisfaction as the goal,To revive the national compaction industry as own duty,Adopt international advanced technology,Has been developed by the first generation after generation of new products,Formed to build road machinery、The sanitation machinery and equipment in the field of science and technology research and development、Production、The core of the sales and service business,“Luoyang”Products not only cover all parts of the country,And since the 1950 s are exported to foreign countries,So far have been exported107A country or region。In all previous national road、The pile of wood mechanical quality of the user...

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