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Hebei Thai company production of carbon steel pipe manufacturing co., LTD、Alloy steel、Stainless steel pipe、All kinds of high school low pressure pipe fittings。At the same time the company also developed production wear-resisting pipe fittings series and anti-corrosion insulation pipe fittings series products,Wear-resisting pipe in ceramic production 、Since the tendril burning ceramic pipe、Double metal wear-resisting pipe、Coal drop pipe、Coal drop pipe、The spherical elbow、Manhole,The hand hole、Explosion door、Flow indicator、Mesh、Three to the displacement of the indicator、The throttling orifice plate、Hood type vent cap、Bell mouth water、Hydrophobic collector、Drain pan、The steam-water pipes、Damper、Adjustable shrinkage cavity、Coal powder mixer、Pulverized coal sampling device、Heat preservation manhole、The light hole、Inlet bellows、Gravity explosion door、Waterproof casing and other products above products are widely used in electric power、Heating、Coal、Chemical industry、Oil refining、Natural gas、Shipbuilding、Mine、Metallurgical construction、Sewage treatment、Environmental protection and other industries。
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