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About us


Wu Hanzhuo for education development co., LTD. Is a collection of west point、Roasted coffee、Drink comprehensive specialty training institutions、The school。There are national key vocational schools,After years of growth now has rich experience in teaching,Science curriculum model,Good industry resources。Zhuo for school's eminent.Optimal bakery chain is set directly、To join us、Distribution of comprehensive baking business model,The combination of production and education,Provide students with the most practical technology and management mode,For students employment、Entrepreneurship paved for the road ahead,Through the market!

The course is an introduction


  • Denmark's class
    French dessert
  • Gold master class
    Delicate baking class
  • Open a shop business class
    Universal coffee class
  • Universal west line
    Universal small endowmentDIYClass
  • Decorating art class
    British sugar class

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