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Yangjiang camp trade household goods co., LTD. Is a company specializing in the production of plastic gold products enterprises。The company is acted on“Security、Efficient、Professional dedication、Conscientiousness”The guidelines。Passing by5Years of entrepreneurship development,Has good production equipment and professional technical force。

The company is located in yangjiang in guangdong,With employees50People,Plant area300Square meters,In exports301-500Ten thousand yuan,The production of plastic gold products become the industry standard...

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    Using method and maintenance of nail clippers suit2018-11-03

    1.Nail care before,Must wash your hands first,Then use push knife push dead skin。From left to right to slowly and dead skin,Finally your nails with curved scissors arc a dead skin。2.According to his be fond of,Cut out in nail clippers...
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    What is nail clippers suit and its USES2018-11-03

    Nail clippers suit(Another name:Beauty series、Take a suit、Manicure set),The outer packing included:Leather bags,Suction card packaging,PVCThe bag packing,Aluminum plastic box packing box,PULeather packaging... ...Built-in hardware:...
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    The development history of nail clippers suit2018-11-03

    The inventor:The americans WoSiFu ke gere invented time:20Century30S 。Because the nail clippers suit collection eyebrow clip,Scissors,Nail clippers,The nail file,The foot file,Hairdressing clamp,Refers to the unit,Small tools such as glass file,Great convenience...
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Yangjiang camp trade household goods co., LTD     Contacts:Miss pang     A mobile phone:13719894988     

Machine:0662-3528928     Fax:0662-3183008     Address:Yangjiang jiangcheng district road, Mr. Jin95Number

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