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The strength of the brand,All enterprises and institutions must trust!

blob.pngTen years of focus,Service live thousands of well-known enterprises,Rich experience in the industry;

blob.pngCasting crankshaft production for many years,Experienced strong;

blob.pngThe company covers an area of100Mu,Employees100People,Has a strong technology research and development strength

blob.pngCompanies pay attention to user practice and product research and development,Patents and the r&d achievements。

The strength of the brand

Advanced detection equipment

With advanced production technology,Advanced detection equipment!

blob.pngDomestic advanced production line and process technology,A high degree of automation,Product technology content is high;

blob.pngThe company has a quality test center,Equipped with the world advanced testing equipment

blob.pngProduct variety is complete,To meet customers' requirements。

Professional after-sales service team,Exclusive your after-sale protection!

blob.pngAll programs--Pre-sale、Sale、After sales;Listen patiently to user requirements;

blob.pngWith high efficiency、Professional sales team

blob.pngThe company implements the modern enterprise management mode,It is more convenient、More efficient for the customer provide all-the-way tracking service

After-sales service team


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   High-density aerospace engine manufacturing co., LTD. Is located in gaomi city feels ashamed springs industrial park,In the east of Qingdao,Weifang west,Jiaoji railway across the things,Jiqing expressway from the side,The traffic is very convenient。 The company was founded in2003Years,Has passedISO9001Quality system certification,It happenedD1、D2Class pressure vessel manufacturing license, and China classification society、Fishing Marine air bottle products factory issued by the inspection bureau approval certificate。The company covers an area of30000Square meters,In casting、Mechanical processing、Welding、Heat treatment、Maintenance and repair crankshaft production ability,At present main products are series of internal combustion engine crankshaft、Casting crankshaft、Marine crankshaft、Marine series pneumatic air bottle、The accumulator、The Marine crankshaft、Air bottle in addition to all the year round for zibo diesel engine factory、Jinan diesel engine factory and other manufacturers,Also widely supply social maintenance,Sold throughout the country。And the company has a large82125The crankshaft grinding machine,...

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Crankshaft fracture repair methods

How should fracture repair crankshaft?..


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High-density aerospace engine manufacturing co., LTD

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