13Over the years,37Ten thousand people to zhangjiajie chose to forget
Forget service hotline:

400 867 1115

15SecondsUnderstand the forget

Forget Tours

2003Development of zhangjiajie self-help route way,Zhangjiajie self-help tour leader,13Years received a total of21Distant friends or family

We know that——The travel industry prices. A mes,Looks like a pie,The actual is a trap

We know that——Tourism industry service level is uneven,We can't let all practitioners honesty,Be kind to you in the distance,But at least they forget to understand“Good faith for this,Gratitude in my heart”Of reason,Can live up to the trust of every family。

Our promise——Sign a formal travel contract,Don't spell doesn't sell groups,The tour guide service good countries,To the pure play only not shopping。

Our advantage——The peak season for peak travel—Can't walk the same route at the same scenery,From queue distress;Living area to the top of the hillForget free line retail inn,See the sunrise sunset scenes。

——Forget take you happy to take you to fly——

And looking for life partner,Tourism can't make do!

“Can't forget”Provide high quality service

Why do you choose to forget

Your tour guide、His inn、Their tour bus,The cost is low price discount of course

“Can't forget”Recommended packages

2nd, leisure packages
For three days swimming stimulus packages
4, swim holiday packages

APackage:Forest park2Days1Late“Leisure packages”(Into the original forest,Few starses in oxygen bar)

They are playing with:1700YuanForget Tours:580Yuan Province1120Yuan

  • Forget the package was all combined discount package;
  • Played at least save money than your own individual freedom62%The above;
  • Huangshi grand canyon、Yuan Jiajie、Yang Jiajie、Son of heaven mountain、Li gallery...
  • A lot of
  • This package has received tour this month1047People

FreedomNumber of starsTo save moneyFarm flavorRest assured

This package has received tour this month1047People

FreedomNumber of starsTo save moneyFarm flavorRest assured

13Since we only focus on one thing

Only do high quality tourism services,Make travel more along with the gender、More freedom


Tsinghua university**College teacher li mou

We are all choose freedom every ride lines or travel agency
First choose forget holiday packages than they are playing with save money
Play free than travel,Great!


Jingdong**Executives XXL

I don't like a variety of online strategy more see more confused
Choose unforgettable vacation package service is very warm,Live very well
Tujia people eat speciality,It's good


Netease**Head of Xue Mou

And you are as free play
Early heard of zhangjiajie forget free line
The travel department echo is very good
Everyone is happy to play
My leave zhangjiajie


The principal Qin Mou centre for senior citizens in suzhou

Thank you forget free hospitality
Our pace is slow、Love freedom、Not shopping
The wizard care us all the way
Classic attractions all finished
Not tired also save money

Tour of problem solving

Q:Forget have what different with others?

Answer:Forget from05So far this year have been studied“Travel by myself”Has been imitated by peers。 Other so-called Tours are sold to the travel agency,And forget is going one-on-one service for you...

Q:Forget what package prices are included?

Answer:Package is mainly for the convenience of every tourist ,In the scenic area to avoid deceived ripped off。Queuing to buy tickets,Waste of time! The package includes tickets、Accommodation、The traffic、Insurance、There is a conscientious family in travel service for you...

Q:What to do with the bad weather?Reservation for forget plans to do?

Answer:Q:Unable to determine tourism weather ,But in traveling relatively cold night and morning,Suggest take coat 。In case of rainy day trip can be same,After the rain is another beauty...Zhangjiajie unique to the sea of clouds and cloud organ can encounter only after the rain...

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